Saturday, February 2, 2008

Like it was killed by a crow or something....

Been in a weird spot as far as what to play next,so i find myself playing old school games most of the time like Sonic The Hedgehog 2...on my 360. Even though Sonic Mega Collection released for every console last gen,it feels exceptionally odd playing on the 360.The 'Achievements' are pretty arbitrary as well,with the game rewarding you for getting one Chaos Emerald or being Super Sonic for one minute and the like.After playing this i went on a bit of an Assault Heroes binge.After the last entry where i hoped that people would play some of the older Arcade games I decided to do so myself.

Yeah and i know Rez HD is out as well.There will be time for that though,I still have a ton of stuff to finish/play.I've been wanting to get a good round of Gauntlet or even SoR2 as well,if people care to i can send Friend Requests for Live if they are down to play any classic stuff.

Oh and here's something cool that came into my job,The Gen-x Dualstation.It plays Sega Genesis and NES(no Master System?) games.It's definitely an odd combo,but the potential to have Contra then switch into Gunstar Heroes is too good to pass up.An off-brand system(obviously.) it has the 6 button pad form for the controller and looks like a Model 3 Genesis if only slightly.

Gonna fire up Actraiser and finish that up for now though.



Adam said...

As much as I agree that replaying old-school games ia a worthwhile pastime, you are seriously fucking up by not finishing Metroid Prime 3 you worthless scrub.

Agreenidge said...

Don't be like that man lol..I'll finish it someday....:p