Monday, February 4, 2008

but first i'll take care of YOU!!

As this my is first blogging here i guess an introduction is in place. I'm just some kid at some game store (this game store isn't Game Stop or EB games) writing about my misadventures, thoughts, reviews and predictions for all gaming systems. As I stand behind the counter of my store I was thinking about what to blog about, I was going to do a Mass Effect review but due to the utter stupidity of one customer I am way to upset for a calm and unbiased review. So instead of Mass Effect, you get a mini rant.

So here I am,minding my own business trying to think of what to write,when a customer comes up and asks me a question. For the sake of argument lets just call this customer Bob. Well Bob comes up to me and says ,"I'm having problems hooking up my PS2 to the internet" then I asked Bob "What type of internet connection do you have? Do you have the original bulky ps2 or the slim ps2?" Bob answers " I have a DSL connection and the slim PS2. The PS2 keeps telling me to type in some internet number thing and its not working." Now at this point I am a little upset. Usually if you have a problem with a piece of hardware and you want help from someone you really should know what that "internet thing" is before you ask me to magically fix it. But I kept my cool and thought to myself "Hey at one point we all didn't know what we were doing so he's no different." I told him that on the back of his PS2 there are 2 ports one for dial up and the other one is for high speed internet. He looked at me like I was speaking Greek and said "ohhhh".

Now i knew i was dealing with an idiot. He's not a bad guy he's just as dumb as a stone. So I gave him the play by play I told him " You need to remove the sticker on the back of your PS2 slim which reads high speed port only and take your DSL line out of the dial-up jack.",Bob then replied,"Ohh wow thats it!".... ,I took a a deep breath and told him,"Yes that should fix your problem. Next time you put in NASCAR '08 do an auto configuration and you should be good to go." Bob said " Thank you." And started to look around the store. Now at this point I clearly remembered who i was dealing with. Bob is the jackass that would come into the store for hours and play the same damn NASCAR '04 game on the Xbox at the store.

At this game store you try games before you buy them and well some people just try, try, and forget to buy. Well he's one of those guys. So as I go to talk to Alex (a co-worker and other dude on the blog) and Bob comes up to me with yup you guessed it NASCAR '04 for the xbox. I regretfully put the game into the Xbox and watched him play the same damn race and the same damn game for the hundredth time. But what really was the icing on the cake for me was that he was playing a game that he already has at this own home in the store yet again.