Thursday, January 31, 2008

Virtous Mission

Consider this the first entry of many.Been meaning to write some kind of blog for awhile now,so here it is.



That being said I've finished up No More Heroes recently,definitely a unique game to say the least.Playing through and finishing this inspired me to check out the rest of Suda 51's games that he had a part in and upon a closer look they are all pretty closely related.Even the B-movie quality "Michigan:Report From Hell" has some minor involvement thanks to all the ZaKa TV/group being thrown around.Although just throwing it out there without spoiling,that isn't who you think it is in the ending of NMH.No Golden Gun and he's you know..he dies.Last Suda news I'm touching on for awhile,apparently he's working on a 360 game with Konami and Kojima,here's to hoping it's a new Snatcher.

As far as 360 is concerned,I've been playing my second run of Mass Effect.It's hard to take the game as seriously when you are a complete beast with biotic powers and such,tossing people across the room with impunity...good times.Doing early missions feels like such a chore.I wish people played some of the Live Arcade for longer than a month but what are you gonna do?

Lastly all this SSBB hype from the overseas release has me on edge,but i have to restrain myself.Got burned on being impatient and buying early(lol King of Fighters XI and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum) but I have my copy reserved so all i can do is wait.....