Sunday, March 2, 2008

SONY: two steps ahead, yet two steps behind

Hey Fellas, its Snappy! I figured I'd put my two cents in about Sony America. First off, let me say this "What the (expletive delete) Phil, If you don't want the job, I'll take it!"

Anyways, lets get started. The PS3 is an outstanding system, with unbelievable hardware capabilities, but where is it all, and why does Japan get the goods as we weep waiting to get our share? Is Sony America just not doing their job? Or do they just not care? So many questions yet so little answers.

For such a big advancement from the PS2, Sony has showed little effort to attract new consumers. How do you go from having the best selling console last gen. to the least selling console this gen.? Your attracting the wrong crowd! What Sony didn't do is attract an overall crowd. They mainly marketed the console to older people with deeper pockets. I think that Sony is forgetting that the video game industry runs on children. How many people out there started gaming after the age of 16? Not many. Most people who game start when they are kids. Thus being, for most events such as birthdays and Christmas you'd possibly receive a game or two. Now that game or two is going to the pockets of rivals Nintendo and Microsoft, for making a family based console. Your gonna have to do a little more to build off the loyal based customers than that.

And why does Japan get everything months before us? I can understand a few weeks, but MONTHS!?! I just recently bought myself a nice Ceramic White Dual Shock 3 Sixaxis controller (could the name get any longer?) from Japan and boy its nice. Not only does it give you the rumble experience back, but its nice to have the standard weight back too. I've only tried it with a few games such as DMC4 and Uncharted, but it works great! I just want to know why did we get patches to utilize Duel Shock compatibility if we STILL haven't got the controllers in America? Why haven't we if were ready? And where is the "Home" update? Last I heard we were getting it in October, and I believe its MARCH! Not only does that follow hardware, but also software. Much anticipated game like Gran Turismo 5 have been out for months in Japan, but we still don't have a date! Do I see Sega all over again? I hope someone can answer these questions for me because I'm left dumbfounded, and this is most definitely leaving Sony two steps behind.

I hope you all didn't think I was gonna dog Sony the whole articles. Despite its setbacks, Sony in my opinion is the true Next-Gen console. With 7.1 Tru-Surround and 120(hz) 1080p. duel layered cell processor with motion censor controls, its very hard to argue the fact. Visuals are phenomenal and sound is amazing! Put aside that, hardware is impeccable. I can wirelessly access my PS3 from any wi-fi connection, turn it on, and play any PS1 game on my PSP! Not to mention any PS1 download from the marketplace can be transferred to a PRO-DUO Stick fro PSP play. Sit on that Microsoft!

Region-Free is for me. Sony has been more than grateful to allow the first region free based console without mods or boot disks. This is a GREAT advantage for gamers who import games. You don't have to worry about voiding warranties or buying two consoles! One console does it all. Also despite being region free, you can access region based servers from other countries. For example, I can access the Japanese marketplace on my American console in the U.S. region! Reasons like this are what is bringing Sony two steps ahead.

All put aside though, I think that if Sony stepped up to the plate and worked harder on a better online community and worked out hardware differences they could top Microsoft due to there ungodly hardware failure. But as far as racing with Nintendo, maybe next generation. Its hard to beat an all around console for $250 that has changed the way (Wii) play games. Till next time, this has been a Snappy comment.