Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hello?Is anybody theeeere?

If you are one of the 5 people that regularly visit this blog you'll notice that there hasn't been an entry for awhile now.There is one major reason for that.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Super Smash Bros:Breakin'

For the unfamiliar Super Smash Bros. Brawl(or SSBB) is the 3rd entry in the popular Super Smash Bros. Series.Picking up where Melee left off,Brawl takes the craziness to new heights introducing all kinds of new modes including a revamped Adventure mode and most notably Online Play.Since 2006 this game has been keeping us waiting,seeming to move at a glacial pace Until it got a release date....then it was delayed....THEN ANOTHER SOONER RELEASE DATE.....then delayed again.I can personally tell you though the wait was worth it.The amount of content and goodies is more than enough.


The biggest change is easily the Adventure mode dubbed The Subspace Emissary.This tells the story of Mario and company.They are enjoying a friendly match when the action is suddenly interrupted and the way of life of many of the Nintendo characters is threatened.This mode is probably the easiest way to get a majority of the hidden cast unlocked but the time to finish this is certainly a step up from the humble adventure mode of Melee,clocking in at 8+ plus hours.Considering that's not the meat of the game,that's REALLY good.

So then you ask,"What's the meat of the game?It's Smash Bros." The sheer amount of unlockable content.There are 41 stages in the game total,35 different characters to play,and all sorts of easter eggs and hidden assist trophies to get.On top of that there are 400 + stickers to collect 200+ trophies,unlockable music tracks,and with the return of events along with new co-op two player events, there is a ton to do.

Where'd he go?

On top of THAT there is a stage creation option.

Yes,you can make your own levels.

The options aren't exactly brimming but the option to have your very own stage to fight on is awesome.You can use any available music you have as the background with tracks ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to ExciteTruck to Tetris. The stages you make can be shared with your friends as well as you can either bring them to a friends house on an SD card or send it online to your Wii and brawl friends.Along with stages you can get funny Snapshots(like the ones i took here from my play time)and replays of break the target/matches whatever through the online service.

Kid Icarus?!

Customizable Controls are here as well.Making this the 1st time you could change the controls.While it doesn't sound like a huge deal having your configuration and stats saved onto your Wii remote IS.So no waiting to set the controls up,get your remote,connect it and go!It's very convenient,and having the option there is nice if you are tired of playing on the Gamcube controller or abhor it in general.I personally play on the classic controller for the Wii and the game feels great.It gives you the option of using the classic controller,Wii remote and nunchuk,and Wii remote alone along with the original Gamecube controller if you see fit.All customizable,all able to be saved on a remote.

"I'm taking a break..."

Oh right,I know i was forgetting something.The Online modes.Online play is done through Nintendo WFC and when playing with friends it moves like they were right next to you.....If you can connect.The servers seem to be getting slammed as it's so popular so sometimes there may be connection issues but when you do (which is the case 80% of the time) it is bliss.You can go for the traditional Brawl or even do Multiman Melee or the Homerun contest with a friend.If you don't feel like playing with a friend you can play with complete strangers in the 'With anyone' section or even side bet on past fought online matches to get more coins to unlock more trophies and stickers.

"Which one is Mario again?"

Long story short,this game is a blast to play,and if you have a Wii available and enjoy Nintendo games...well you are probably already playing this.For some reason if you aren't playing this and you fit the criteria however,please do so.

You won't be disappointed.