Monday, July 7, 2008


So it's been awhile since any major entries from me....Been


Procrastination aside,a lot of stuff has been going on in the gaming world and i'm going to cover it all AT ONCE.Ok so maybe not,but I will cover a bit.

Metal Gear Solid 4

The theatrical series comes to a dramatic climax in this PS3 sequel.I'm sure most if not all of you have played or at least heard of this game so I'm going to refrain from the usual pleasantries of trying to explain the plot to newcomers (you can always use the database which I'll get to in a bit.)So that leaves us with the Gameplay and other elements.

This game introduces many new features,most notably the OctoCamo.The OctoCamo is an active camoflage system that catches the colors and nuances of your surroundings that you press against.This is pivotal to survival as Snake isn't just sneaking thru sterile military labs or dense jungles,he will be surrounded by a living battlefield,always keeping sure to stay moving and maintain your cover.Of course you could always NOT sneak and go all gung-ho Rambo style.The shooting system has been refined to be more open ended,offering both 3rd and 1st person perspectives on the fly allowing you to shift with the action as you please.

Skirmishes are mainly fought between two armies with Snake being the 3rd party interference.You can assist the small militia and get a reputation with them,making it easier to sneak by at least one of the front lines.Overall sneaking is much easier this time around with many of the hi-tech amenities you have at your disposal,not to say it's a cakewalk,but if you've played the predecessor Snake Eater without the 360 camera(or even Subsistence) you should fly through this game at a respectively fast pace which is definitely a shame.Especially since after you've played through the game you are doing a ton more WATCHING than PLAYING with playthroughs ranging from as low as 4 hours(wow.)

Metal Gear Online offers some more playtime with the game however expanding on the ideas presented in Subsistence's online modes with customizable characters,clan support,and some creative map layouts with some returning from Subsistence as well.However,I'm not a fan of having to remember another password and login due to the lack of PSN support,and adding friends and joing their matches while it should be simple feels like an elaborate chore.Maybe I'm spoiled by Xbox Live...I don't know maybe it's just me.

Castlevania Judgement

Probably the most random thing in recent days.A 3d Castlevania fighter...for the wii.


With art by Takeshi Obata(Death Note)characters look very little like their past incarnations.The game is looking to take a Power Stone-esque view on combat...we'll just have to see how it turns out.

E3 2008

This year was pretty disappointing.For an event known for it's crazy game announcements and previews it was pretty tepid this time around.Final Fantasy XIII is confirmed for 360 along with a revamped Dashboard update for the Fall and Wii is finally getting voice chat prominently featured in Animal Crossing:City Folk along with 1:1 motion with the Wii MotionPlus and a new Wii sports.Ps3 is getting some...stuff....


Megaman 9

So now it's going to be multiplatform on all current gen systems even sporting the crappy box art seen here(like the NES era US games).8-bit graphics with the old school Megaman feel,this will definitely be the best game you'll buy for 10 dollars this year.

Regular updates will be on the way once again after this week so don't think we forgot about you guys.